Mother explained the desire grandmother’s grandson to throw out the window in Moscow


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An elderly resident of Moscow, which threatened to jump out the window with my little grandson because of those who came to take the child police officers, had temporary custody of him, and his mother filed a claim for restoration of parental rights. About this 25-year-old mother told REN TV.

She told me that she works as a paramedic, and her in absentia deprived of parental rights due to failure of parental responsibilities. “Supposedly I do not care for their child. The court made the decision without me, I had no agenda,” explained the woman, adding that she had “a normal family”.

According to her, 70-year-old grandmother of a boy who was not yet four years old, “loves of a grandson”. Previously, the guardianship has already come for the child, then the pensioner it became bad, and she was in intensive care. “Child I have not adapted to children’s institutions,” added the mother.

The publication writes that the mother locked son in the apartment with my grandmother because of the reluctance to give him custody, and she remained outside.

In conversation with radio station “Moscow speaking” capital children’s Ombudsman Olga Yaroslavsky noted that the family has long been registered, and the mother is constantly monitored by psychiatrist and “leading an immoral life”.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow the pensioner closed the house with his grandson and had threatened standing in the hallway bailiffs that will jump with the child in the window if they are to break down the door. In the end, the emergency personnel were able to pick up the boy and handed him over to the medics. Later, from the apartment brought grandmother, who was taken away in an ambulance.

In fact the incident opened a case under article 127 of the criminal code (“Unlawful deprivation of freedom”). Is checked.

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