Named the date of “death” mobile “Tetris”


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The company Electronic Arts, which owns the rights to the game Tetris, announced the closure of the iOS version. A popular arcade game will be available for iPhone and iPad from April, reports MacRumors.

The date of “death” mobile “Tetris” called in the next game update for iOS users. The company Electronic Arts announced that from 21 April 2020 puzzle game will be removed from the App Store. The statement said that the use of Tetris, including a paid add-on, it will be possible only until April 21.

The company said that of the online store will disappear three versions of the game Premium Tetris, 2011 Tetris and Tetris Blitz. Downloaded the app before this date can save them on their devices, but the reinstallation of Tetris would be impossible.

Electronic Arts did not disclose the reason for the closure of the project. MacRumors says that the game series Tetris was one of the most sought after iPhone since the advent of the App Store. Despite the popularity, applications for the game hasn’t updated since the summer of 2018.

The concept of “Tetris” invented by a Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov. The first version of the game was released June 6, 1984. In 2007, “Tetris” as one of the most important computer games in history took on preservation to the Library of Congress.

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