On the body of the suicide of a Russian prisoner found traces of beatings


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Podkorchuk / “Kommersant”

In the Kaliningrad SIZO-1 on the body of the suicide of prisoner relatives found traces of beatings. On Wednesday, January 22, according to “the Media” with reference to the human rights project Gulagu.net.

According to the publication, in the certificate the cause of death of the arrested says “hypovolemic shock” as a result of suicide. Relatives of the deceased believe that prison officials inflicted wounds to cover up the murder. In addition, according to Gulagu.net experts opened the skin on the thighs to conceal the beating.

It is noted that the day before the death of the detainee was on a date with his wife, he “felt positive” and “build positive plans for the future.”

Earlier it was reported that the arrested for car theft a teenager has died in jail of heart failure. The FPS noted that the death was of a violent nature.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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