Russian oil and gas companies considered the most profitable in the world


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evgeny Samarin / RIA Novosti

Russian oil and gas companies by the end of 2020 predicted the world’s highest yield in its sector. This writes belongs to Grigory Berezkin the RBC with reference to surveyed analysts.

In the world of stock returns of companies from the sectors of oil and gas will not exceed seven percent, considered Bank of America analyst Karen Kostanian. However, in Russia, with the price of oil is 60-65 dollars per barrel by the end of this year it will be 8.6 percent, the analyst said.

Similar opinion is held by Raiffeisenbank economists, who predict the yield of Russian companies at the level of 8.8 percent. The most pessimistic forecast was voiced in Gazprombank, but he estimates the yield of oil and gas companies of Russia by the end of 2020 will amount to 7.6 percent.

The rate for Russian companies will grow due to a massive revision of the dividend policy initiated in 2019. The revision relates to the requirement of the government to inject more money in the budget, analysts say. Another reason is the growth of income of the companies from billions of dollars in investments in production made during the 10 years to 2014.

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