The man tried on the spanx and shared feelings


www.vsyako.netPhoto: David Cummings / The Sun

The man tried on different models of spanx and shared their feelings. Footage from the photo shoot and his story publishes The Sun.

35-year-old wedding pianist Chris Davis (Chris Davies) took part in a photo shoot in corrective underwear. He tried on several models and told what came to him most. In particular, Davis liked boxers high waist that visually removed several inches of the abdomen, while not restricting his movements.

The pianist also tried on a black corset that is designed for special occasions. “I don’t wear it on a date to a restaurant because after the first course, it will have to undo,” he criticized it product.

Then the man showed his attitude to compression white t-shirt: in the photo he stands with a smile and shows the gesture “thumbs up”. “Mike is very tight, but comfortable. I would definitely put it under your shirt,” said Davis.

Netizens laughed at footage from the shooting. “This underwear called “killer passion”” “Come just lose weight”, — they joked.

In July of 2019 British writer participated in the experiment, during which time he was walking down the street in skimpy women’s top. The writer admitted that the whole way felt naked both physically and emotionally: “Maybe this world isn’t ready for men to bandeau tops, but one day it will become normal. No one promised that to set trends easily.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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