The most popular original series on Netflix


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The most popular original series on the streaming platform Netflix. This publication reports Variety.

The company said that the first season of “the Witcher” will be the most watched in the history of the project: within four weeks after the premiere of the show saw 76 million viewers. This clarifies that recently Netflix has changed the accounting system views. Currently the user only has to watch only two minutes of the series to view it was posted. Before the subscriber of the service had to see at least 70 percent of the episode.

It is noted that the new methodology is even more blurs the concept of real audience of a show. Despite this, representatives of the service claim that the popularity of “the Witcher”, you can confirm not only the views, but also the fact that the launch of the show led to a rise in sales of books and games about this character. In addition, Netflix said that the series has already spawned a song-meme “the Witch will pay a hammered coin”.

“The Witcher” with Henry Cavill in the title role, was released on Netflix on December 20. Russian viewers have criticized the series for black elf and a Dryad, while Western critics have called the show “a painfully obvious attempt to replace the “Game of thrones” with the help of Tits and blood.”

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