The output of the program Malakhov was taken off the air


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The release of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on “Russia 1” dedicated to the disappearance of a teenager Vlada Bahawa in the Smolensk region, was removed from the air. About this on his page on Instagram said the presenter Yana Poplavskaya, who was present at the filming. She believes that the truth about Bakhiv “trying to hush up”.

According to the leader, during filming it turned out that the teenage daughter of a diver who participated in the search of a teenager, wanted to force to testify against her father. She also took the time, as Malakhov went live in social networks, referring to the Governor of the Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky.

Sources Poplavskaya told her that the issue was taken off the air as directed above. Poplavskaya said the events around the story of the disappearance Bahawa wild lawlessness and promised not to stop until the guilty are punished. She appealed to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, the Minister of the interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev and Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov with a request to investigate the situation.

According to the guide on the site “Russia 1”, in the European territory of the Russian Federation no program came from a special edition of the talk show “60 minutes”, which lasted 2.5 hours. Ether was devoted to the upcoming constitutional changes and the new composition of the government. “Live” at the appointed time managed to see only the inhabitants of the Far East.

Bach disappeared in April 2019, after a picnic in the forest of Demidovsky district, Smolensk oblast, where he and his friends were celebrating the birthday of a friend. According to friends, he drank a lot, went into the woods and disappeared. The search for the teenager were unsuccessful.

The latest issue is “Live” was the fourth in a series of programs about the disappearance Bahawa. In the previous episodes of the show speculated about what the friends of the teenager have something to hide, and in fact may be involved, their parents. It was noted that the father of one of the participants of the picnic serves as the Deputy chief of the local police, and the father of another who was present at the celebration of the teenager — the head of administration Litovskogo rural settlement.

Previously she has said that the release “Live” on Bakhiv December 16, managed to see not everyone as in the village of Demidovo, not far from where the teenager disappeared, turned off the light. The host has promised to repeat the broadcast for the inhabitants of the Smolensk region.

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