The police became interested in a Russian comedian for insulting the feelings of believers


www.vsyako.netAlexander Dolgopolov: @sankldive

Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia became interested in famous Russian comedian Alexander Dolgopolov because of the complaints on insulting the feelings of believers. About this in his Telegram channel according to Baza.

According to the newspaper, the police intend to interview Dolgopolov. A statement it was written by a resident of the suburban town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo in January 2020.

Of interest to the police, the comedian said on his page on Instagram. He showed me the notice from the Ministry of the interior Orekhovo-Zuyevo, obtained by the St. Petersburg bar HopHead Tap Room. In it, militiamen demanded from the institutions to provide information about the comic and confirm that his stand-up performance “the New hour of jokes” was recorded in a bar.

Dolgopolov admitted that he is scared and angry, but not surprised by what happened. According to him, from this situation we can conclude that “Russia is still on the way to the bottomless abyss of madness.”

“The new hour of jokes” has been published on the YouTube channel of stand-up Comedy club Stand-Up Club #1 in early April of 2019. In the description to the video States that he filmed in HopHead Tap Room. In the video there are jokes about the Russian authorities and religion. In particular, Dolgopolov speculate on why Jesus Christ is not called by the name Bogdan. However, he used in speech language.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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