The Russians sell the gift of Putin for 22 million rubles



The Russians sell presented by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin watch for 22 million rubles. Announcement appeared on the platform Avito.

According to information on the website, a resident of St. Petersburg Paul received the Swiss watch company Certina in 2001, as a member of the crew of the first nuclear submarine built after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Watch have released an exclusive party. Their case and bracelet are made of titanium, and on the reverse side there is an original engraving of the President of Russia in the form of the eagle.

From St. Petersburg says that for 19 years has been a gift only a few months. As evidence of the authenticity of the hours he is willing to provide their documents and exclusive photos of the submarine.

In October of 2019 old business card of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin put up for sale on Avito over two million rubles. On white duplex business card in Russian and English languages printed Putin’s post which he held from 1991 to 1996, Chairman of external relations Committee of St. Petersburg city hall.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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