The taxi driver died at the capital’s airport after 28 hours of driving and nine energy drinks


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Konstantin Kokoshkin / “Kommersant”

In the Moscow Domodedovo airport has died 29-the summer taxi driver, a native of Tajikistan. He died behind the wheel after 28 hours of continuous operation and nine cans of energy. About it reports “Region Online” with reference to an informed source.

According to the publication, the driver’s heart stopped when he turned at low speed. At this point the taxi driver slightly touched the other car.

A spokesman said that the deceased was working simultaneously on three aggregators. Before he died, he drank nine cans of energy.

The circumstances of the incident are established. Checks on the fact of the tragedy.

Earlier in Saint-Petersburg courier service “Yandex.Food” fell dead off his bike after he worked more than ten hours without a break. The supervisor demanded that the 20-year-old Artyk orozalieva to deliver orders as quickly as possible. He fell off his bike and died on the street in designer clothes service. The cause of death could be a heart attack.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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