The tenants had stopped renting that house the trash and ran away


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Daniel Needes

Tenants, who for two years rented a house in Bridgend (Wales, UK), fled and left housing destroyed, after covering him with debris. This publication reports the Mirror.

The family left the house before the end of the lease without notifying the owner. When the owner, Daniel came to check, he found that everything inside is destroyed. “They turned it into a trash heap,” complained the man. Around the house lay things the former tenants, which hampered the movement. On the kitchen floor lay plastic bags, crushed boxes and empty food containers. Garbage and the remnants of rotting food, which spread a disgusting smell, were dumped in the sink and the freezer. Tenants stripped the Wallpaper in the entire house, some places remain on the walls of the hole. Carpet the once cream color was covered with dirt and black spots.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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