Together the escaped father of the groom and mother of the bride broke wedding children


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The bride and groom from the Indian city of Surat, Gujarat, had to cancel a wedding after the groom’s father eloped with the mother of the bride. This publication reports the Times Now News.

The groom’s father and bride’s mother allegedly lived in the neighborhood, and a short time met. Once they tried to elope, but their plans are foiled by the relatives of the women who gave her in marriage to a wealthy merchant of diamonds.

In less than a month before the scheduled second week of February, the wedding, children, 48-year-old businessman and a 46-year-old housewife was missing. Presumably, they decided to give their relationship a second chance and eloped. .

In last seen January 10, everyone was at home. Relatives of the men and women filed a police report about their disappearance.

Now their children were in an awkward situation: they had to postpone the wedding until the moment when there will be more information about the relationship of the parents.

Earlier it was reported that unknown woman in a wedding dress burst onto the wedding, the groom whipped a bouquet of flowers and asked them to stop the ceremony. It was later revealed that the stranger is a famous comedian that the bridesmaid were asked to participate in the drawing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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