“Classmates” has suggested to create stickers with your face


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mail.ru Group

Social network “Odnoklassniki” has launched a new format of advertising projects. Users can create personalized stickers of brands on my face. They will be drawn in on the pictures by using neural networks, according to the blog site “Classmates”.

To create your own stickerbook, it is necessary to use a special app where you can upload a photo. There you can edit the shape of the face, hairstyle and accessories. “On the basis of the resulting image, the technology automatically will render a free personal stakeback which integrates the brand”, — stated in the message.

First among the brands stickers on a social network I created a service taxi “Citymobil” — in their own Steerpike users “try on” clothes in the colors of the brand are invited to “taxidermists” and use phrases like “You rock” or “Passed”.

Told the Manager on business development of “Classmates” Platon Dubinin, thanks to this special brands can increase awareness, and users to diversify their communication and to Express emotions in new ways. Head of special projects and social media service taxi “Citymobil” Vlad Kuzmenko, in turn, noted that the branding stickers looks very native, not repellent and annoying to the user.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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