Left Russia because of police checks, the comedian made it to Israel


www.vsyako.netAlexander Dolgopolov and Elizabeth Removephoto: @sankldive

Left Russia comedian Alexander Dolgopolov made it to Israel. He posted a photo from tel Aviv to his Instagram account.

“We have arrived! We’re safe, for now. Thank you for your support!” — written by the artist. Judging from the picture, it is located in the Florentin quarter of tel Aviv, along with her friend Elizabeth Ratboy.

On the morning of 23 January it became known that he had left Russia, fearing legal action on insulting the feelings of believers. Shortly before he learned about the police launched an investigation in connection with the complaint at his statement. Law enforcement requested in the St. Petersburg bar HopHead Tap Room, where he performed stand-up. Police asked to confirm that the stand-shooting was carried out in HopHead Tap Room, and to provide information about the speakers.

The reason for going to the police was a complaint of a resident of the suburban town of Orekhovo-Zueva on Dolgopolov jokes about religion. Available on YouTube standup “the New hour of jokes,” the comedian wondered why Jesus Christ was named Bogdan.

Insulting the feelings of believers saw in a recent issue of the TV show “Evening Urgant”. The Orthodox public movement “forty times Forty” demanded to deprive the Russian citizenship program host Ivan Urgant. They are outraged by the collage that parodied icon of the birth of Christ.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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