Prison term for nudity in their own home upheld


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In Utah, a judge upheld a law according to which the naked female breast is recognized obscene. Reported by the Associated Press.

Its abolition required a 28-year-old resident of Utah Tilly Buchanan (Buchanan Tilli), which threatens to criminalize the exposure of Breasts in your own home, and helping her organization “the American Union of civil liberties of Utah”. They pointed out that a similar court decision abolishing the ban on naked Breasts, already adopted in the state of Colorado.

Judge Kara Pettit (Pettit Kara) sided with prosecutors, insisting on the fact that in American society, bare Breasts are considered indecent. She added that judges should not be retroactively assess what the legislators considered improper. If Buchanan does not appeal the decision Pettit, she faces a prison term. In addition, a woman can be ten years as the sexual criminal.

The incident that gave rise to the proceedings occurred at the end of 2018, when Buchanan and her husband took shirts in his garage. They saw the children of her husband, who were nine and 13 years. They spoke about the case of the mother, and she complained to social services.

Buchanan was charged with three offences relating to obscenity. According to prosecutors, the woman was drunk and undressed, declared that he would not get dressed until naked husband. She argues that stripped of his clothes, because he didn’t want to get dirty while working in the garage.

In 2019, it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of Loveland, Colorado, which was charged with indecent exposure for playing Frisbee Topless, will pay 50 thousand dollars (3.2 million rubles). She also threatened to inclusion in the list of persons who have committed sexual offenses.

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