“Skater invisible” has received millions of rubles for the show of the grooves and Sagitova


www.vsyako.netTatiana Navka and Alina Sagitova (right)Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Deputy head of Department “Crystal” sports and education “Sambo-70” Edward Feldman received more than eight million rubles for participation in the show, Tatiana Navka “the Sleeping Princess. The legend of the two kingdoms.” It is reported Sports.ru citing data from the Unified information system in procurement.

It is noted that the fee one of the main stars of the performances of the Russian figure skater Alina Sagitova not reflected in the documentation. Instead, the registry Single information system procurement is the contract, where Feldman serves as a member submission.

“There is, of course, a variant in which Sagitova nothing to do with it, but then Edward Feldman — a brilliant artist who is invisible, but great riding in “Sleeping beauty”,” admitted the report’s author Alexey Avdokhin.

According to the document, Aksenov got 8,062 million rubles. The agreement States that this amount is justified, “the uniqueness of the event is inextricably linked with the personality of the performer, the highest level of expertise, professionalism, exclusivity and audience interest.”

Also includes fees of other participants of the show. In particular, the Post for 22 performances will receive 6.6 million rubles. It is noted that part of the funding provided by the show budget, and engaged in the manufacture skaters framed as individual entrepreneurs.

In December 2019 Sagitova announced the suspension of his sports career. Skater hinted at the participation in the ice show and soon her Instagram account has pictures of me training in preparation for the performance in “the Sleeping Princess”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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