The father of Meghan Markle for the first time showed baby pictures daughter


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Thomas Markle for the first time showed reporters photos of children daughter. He showed pictures Meghan Markle during the filming of the documentary “Thomas Markle: my story”, filmed by the British channel 5, reports the Sun.

75-year-old father of the Duchess of Sussex said he believes the best years spent raising her daughter. “When she was born, I was the happiest person on Earth. I picked her up and saw her little face, her little fingers clasped my fingers, and I realized that I love her. I just knew that she would grow up so different,” he admitted to reporters. Frame: Channel 5 / Thomas Markle: My Story 1/3

On pictures Meghan Markle captured in different ages: in some photos she was only a few months, for others it’s walking, on the third playing in school plays. Her father claims that he instilled in her a love of the stage and encouraged the desire to become an actress.

Thomas Markle once again lamented that her daughter had ceased to communicate with him. He expressed the hope that I can someday see the eight-month-old grandson Archie Harrison. “I hope he has my nose, because then they will see me every time you look at Archie,” said Markle.

The father of the Duchess commented on the scandal with staged photos taken before the wedding of his daughter. Then he was accused of wanting to cash in on the popularity of the Royal family. Markle stated that he went to shooting for the sake of improving the image, not for the money. However, after that, he lied to Prince Harry during a phone conversation that the photos are real, although “not proud of this act.”

Thomas Markle emphasized that neither the daughter nor her husband have not talked to him. He complained that the daughter is not caring for him and did not seem to notice his existence. In response to the question, why is he getting the money for the interview, Markle noted irritably that his daughter, her husband and members of the Royal family “needs him.” “I am no longer young. Time to take care of daddy” — he concluded.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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