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The Dr. Web revealed the existence of a Trojan for Android smartphones. The report on the company’s website States that installed on the smartphone a virus Android.Xiny.5260 is almost impossible to remove.

Folder Android virus was discovered by cybersecurity experts in apps from Google Play. You have malware there are several modifications. One of them once installed on the smartphone triggers the download of the application, allowing the operator of the virus to profit from programs with payment for installation. Another, more dangerous modification, infected apps, and collected personal information of victims, including pin numbers, passwords and other information.

Despite the fact that the virus appeared in the year 2015, experts believe that it is still common among Android users. The malware was developed under the Android OS 5.1 and older systems, which account for over 25 percent of all Android users. Dr. Web are unable to estimate the number of infected devices, but stressed that at risk is a quarter of Android users.

Experts said that from Android.Xiny.5260 impossible to get rid of even after you remove it from your infected device applications. The only way that experts recommend companies, is a complete rewrite of the Android OS from official sources.

In mid-January, the developers of anti-virus software told me about the harmful application for smartphones. Experts have found on Google Play order 18 programs initiated regular banner ads, which load the processor and contributed to the rapid discharge of the battery device.

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