Employee of the winery had accidentally spilled nearly 17 million liters of wine in the sewer


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

A former employee of the winery Mission Hill in the canadian city of Kelowna, British Columbia, had accidentally spilled several thousand litres of wine down the drain and lost his job. This is the website of the TV channel СTV News.

Brent crozier (Crozier Brent) more than ten years working at the winery. His job was to mix the wine and distribute them to the tanks. In particular, crozier had to make sure that the pipes that pumped the wine was properly attached to the tanks. Transfusions he had to check the connection every 15 minutes.

19 November 2018 one of the valves during a transfusion remained open. The result is 5, 6 thousand liters of wine Sauvignon Blanc poured out onto the floor and flowed into the sewer. Guide Mission Hill estimated the cost of the lost wine in 162,5 thousands of canadian dollars (7.6 million roubles).

A month after the incident crozier received a letter stating that he was fired due to negligence in the performance of their duties. He filed a complaint against former employer to arbitration.

In court a former employee of the winery said that he was scared and couldn’t believe that I forgot to close the valve. He said that he felt terrible about the mistakes and be more careful in future.

The management of the winery reported that crozier allegedly checked the tank 20 minutes after the start of transfusion when he realized that the wine poured on the floor. Besides, it was not the only case where a canadian accidentally spilled wine. In 2017 crozier made a similar mistake and leaked into the sewer 11 thousand liters of wine. After the incident, the employee also apologized to the leadership and promised to be more careful in the future. “He could not fulfill that promise,” reads the court’s decision.

The court held that the decision of Mission Hill’s dismissal crozier was not an excessive disciplinary measure. The decision States that over the 50-year history of the winery was only two incidents that resulted in the loss of the wine, and both are associated with the actions crozier.

Earlier it was reported that a British postman with 28 years experience was fired for a one minute delay. The man appealed against his dismissal, but the court did not side with him: he found that the postman over the past year was twice brought to a disciplinary responsibility and warned that any subsequent violation will result in dismissal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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