Fans of “Game of thrones” has promised a new ending


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Writer George Martin announced the completion of the last books of the cycle “a Song of Ice and fire”. Reported by the New York Post.

The plot of the two remaining books in the cycle, “winter Wind” and “dreams of spring” will be different from the TV series “Game of thrones” TV channel HBO, which ended in 2019. Martin noted that fans already know what finished the final Saga, but I don’t know exactly how this is depicted in the book. According to the writer, he didn’t expect that adaptation by HBO ahead of its cycle.

On 19 January it was reported that Martin announced the release of the book “fire and blood” and was criticized for it by fans.

After the release in may 2019, when the sixth and last episode of the eighth season of “Game of thrones,” many fans felt the finale was illogical, and the characters ‘ actions unjustified. They made a petition to reshoot the final part of the series.

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