The dog died after being bitten by a drunken man



Drunk resident of Ghana killed the dog that bit him. About it reports the local edition of Pulse, citing a television report United Television Ghana.

The incident occurred when 45-year-old justice of Aflakpui (Justice Aflakpui) used akpeteshi — local drink resembling gin. Suddenly the house ran a dog bit his leg and ran away.

Ganz chased her, caught her in the nearby bushes and bit in response. “You could hear the dog barking and howling like she is really hurt — said brother Aflakpui. — After a few minutes she fell silent. I went out to check what happened and found that after being bitten the dog was killed, and her mouth was foaming”.

Akpeteshi — drink, which is spoken in Ghana. He is being driven from fermented palm wine or sugar cane juice. As a rule, the fortress akpeteshi is 40 to 50 degrees.

In 2019, it was reported that a resident of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh killed a snake bit him. The reptile crawled to the home of a man named Raj Kumar when he drank alcohol.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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