The land under the first Tesla factory in Europe was mined


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The land under the first Tesla factory in Europe was mined seven unexploded American bombs during the Second world war found on the future construction of the enterprise in the municipality of Grünheide, Germany. About it writes Reuters with reference to local authorities.

Workers with metal detectors found ammunition in the woods near the German reserve, where there will be a construction site. The weight of each bomb is about 50 kg, they would be transported from the place of the future construction and disarm it. After the case entered the heavy machinery that will clear the land from trees. Tesla has pledged to plant new trees to replace felled.

In January it became known that Tesla will build a new plant in Germany near the reserve Löcknitztal. Around the project sparked controversy — some locals are unhappy that the construction company will have to cut down 300 acres of forest. In January 2020, they came to protest, fearing that the plant will cause irreparable harm to the flora and fauna of the region, says the Agency. At the same time, local authorities welcome the opening of the plant — it is expected that the company will open 12 thousand new jobs.

The plant will become the first company Tesla in Europe. Its area will be 300 hectares, its capacity will produce up to half a million electric vehicles per year. To obtain permission for the construction of Tesla paid to local authorities of 40.91 million euros. The plant is expected in July 2021.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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