The police gave the Russian torture in the Lotus position


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In Bashkortostan, the police beat a local resident Vladislav Vorobyov recognition in an arson of cars gave him the torture in the Lotus position. This was the sparrows told the publication “the Media”.

The incident occurred in November last year in Sterlitamak. According to Vorobyov, three policemen in civilian clothes abducted him in his own yard, was brought into the Department and become a force to beat confessions in the burning of three vehicles near the car wash.

The young man claims that police held his office, forced to sit on the floor in the Lotus position, began to put pressure on your back and bend down to the feet. One of them jumped on his back swinging until he “reaches the maximum level of pain.” Then the same employee kicked him in the stomach, after which the young man pulled down my pants several times struck on the back of a police baton and threatened with violence.

Fearing that the threat will lead to execution, Vorobyov agreed to memorize the text dictated by the police and confess to the arson at the camera. So the young man became involved in the case. In court, where he was elected a measure of restraint, he spoke about the torture in the division. The judge refused to arrest him and was released under house arrest.

Since his accident the young man recorded a video where he spoke about torture in police and posted on social networks, and then appealed to the “Committee against torture” and together with the lawyer Denis Isakov wrote on his delayed police statement about the abuse of power. However, the investigator of the Investigative Committee, interviewing police officers, issued a ruling on refusal to initiate criminal proceedings.

The young man remained in the status of the suspect — despite the fact that he has an alibi: at the time when it never caught unknown set fire to cars and got on the surveillance video, he was driving around town in a taxi that can confirm the driver of the car.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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