Tinder will inform the police about dangerous Dating


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The American company Match Group, which owns the Dating app Tinder, will implement a feature to alert police about dangerous situations on a date. This is stated in the statement published on the official website of the application.

The company intends to introduce a series of updates designed to ensure user safety. To do this, it partially integrates the Tinder app Noonlight, through which you can inform police about your location in case of danger. Users will be able to record information about where and with whom they will date and in case of danger to call law enforcement.

Another new feature is the possibility to verify photos in the accounts. This ensures that users will be able to avoid a situation when people impersonate others.

The statement noted that the new features will be available in the US at the end of January and in subsequent months to the users of other countries.

In December it was reported 23-year-old fan of gambling from great Britain, who pretended to be a girl in Tinder. With the fake account he had corresponded with a potential knight and offered to buy candid women pictures, allegedly on behalf of the wearer. After he blackmailed buyers, demanding a ransom.

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