Ukraine explained the words of the Romanian occupation in speech Zelensky


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Ukraine’s Ambassador to Romania Alexander ban’kov explained the word about the occupation of Northern Bukovina in the speech of President Vladimir Zelensky for the Day of reunion. Reports about it “European truth”.

Speaking about the events of a century ago, Zelensky said that “UPR left Kiev by the Bolsheviks, the majority of the territory of Galicia was occupied by Polish troops, the Northern Bukovina — Romania and Transcarpathia was ceded to Czechoslovakia.” On the English version of the website of the President of Ukraine the word “occupied” has been translated as “occupied”, then the Bucharest demanded an explanation. Ukrainian Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Romania.

“The Romanian party requires clarification of references about Romania, which appeared in a recent public speech of the President of Ukraine and expresses surprise that and stresses the necessity of correct understanding of history”, — quotes the edition the statement of the Ministry.

Ban’kov said that talking about the inaccurate translation of words Zelensky, who have already changed (instead of “occupied” appeared “taken”). He stressed that Zelensky addressed the events of 1918-1919 in order to demonstrate the need for national unity and strengthening of the Ukrainian state, which “continues to struggle against Russian aggression”. The Ambassador expressed regret “unpleasant situation” and added that it was the result of an incorrect translation and baseless interpretations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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