In Europe revealed the Polish gang with military training and luxury cars


www.vsyako.netCivil guard eliminates dangerous criminal organization, specializing in the cultivation and genetic modification of marijuanathe: Guardia Civil

Spanish police uncovered a gang of 13 Polish drug traffickers with military training. They were arrested, reports the Daily Mail.

In police raids seized three thousand marijuana plants, 11 luxury cars, five of which were deported from the UK to Europe. In addition, confiscated three pistols with silencers.

Most of the 13 arrested have been previously convicted, some of them former soldiers. They are suspected of belonging to an international criminal group.

According to police, the drugs wanted to send to the Netherlands, the UK, France and Poland. The detainees were raised by the drugs themselves, and stealing them from other smugglers. Marijuana sold over the Internet and exported to other countries under the guise of food, beverages, in the form of cannabis oil, and with the assistance of couriers.

In December last year it was reported that a patrol of security forces from Peru was intercepted off the North coast of the country semi-submersible submarine, aboard which was a shipment of cocaine weighing about two tons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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