In the trump Bank found half a billion dollars from Russia


www.vsyako.netThe headquarters of Deutsche Bank in the United States, new York Yorkgate: Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (DBTCA), which is the correspondent Bank of Gazprombank, the USA actively lend to companies Donald trump to his presidency. The issuance of large loans to structures of businessman coincided with the transfer of Gazprombank to an account at DBTCA about 16 billion rubles (about 511 million dollars as of 2013), according to a investigate authors edition of Forensic News.

After the transfer of the Russian state Bank has instructed to allocate money to certain organizations, individuals and contractors in the jurisdictions where the base currency is the us dollar, confirmed a representative of Deutsche Bank, the parent company of DBTCA. However, he declined to name the organizations that transferred the money of Gazprombank, or purpose of these transfers.

Total debt structures, Deutsche Bank the current U.S. President and his family members at the time of the inauguration in January of 2017, as estimated by Forensic News, reached 699 million dollars. The vast majority of this amount is attributable to obligations to DBTCA: 364 million were issued to companies to trump in the form of loans to purchase real estate in Chicago, Florida and Washington, 285 million — structures of his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Personally Kushner and trump’s daughter Ivanka was opened two credit lines with limits up to $ 25 million each. Of such funds makes them one of the largest clients of DBTCA.

As the newspaper notes, the fact that controlled by the Russian government, the Bank transferred large sums of money through the same organization that lends to family trump may attract additional attention to the finances of the American President and to raise concerns on the part of counterintelligence.

Forensic News recalls that in January of 2017, Deutsche Bank was fined by U.S. and British financial regulators on $ 630 million for participating in an illegal scheme output from Russia $ 10 billion. Then it became clear that through the Bank’s offices in Moscow, London and new York was the so-called mirror transactions in which customers of Moscow offices have placed orders for the purchase of shares of Russian companies in rubles, and immediately thereafter, often on the same day associated with buyer companies sold the same securities at the same price in the London office. The seller was registered in the offshore and pay in dollars. None of these transactions had no economic viability, in connection with what regulators suspect that their essence is money laundering, and Deutsche Bank, although he had opportunities to stop these schemes, never used them.

Donald trump and members of his electoral headquarters of the presidential election of 2016, has repeatedly been accused of secret cooperation with Russia. Alleged links of the American leader and his entourage with the Russian government during the two years investigated by the special Prosecutor of the USA Robert Muller, however, he failed to find evidence of collusion trump with Moscow. The Kremlin, all such accusations are regularly denied.

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