Revealed a possible scenario for the participation of Russia and Iran in the war of currencies


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Russia and Iran could unite to confront the U.S. dollar. About it “” said member of Iran Majlis Ahmad Alirezaei (Ahmad Alirezabeigi).

In his opinion, it would be possible to trade in national currencies. “As Europe has established a strong currency, the Euro, and we can create in Asia a strong currency to be independent from the system SWIFT”, — the MP revealed details of possible scenarios of joint participation of countries in the war of the currencies.

Thus, Moscow and Tehran would keep themselves from economic pressure by the West, added Alirezaei.

In addition, Russia and Iran have mutual interests in Syria, said the Deputy. “The geopolitical situation gives more opportunities for closer cooperation and expand our relations,” — said the politician.

Alirezaei also spoke about the plane crash Boeing 737-800 “Ukraine International airlines”, shot down the Iranian air defense 8 Jan. The MP admitted that the attack on the liner could be made due to the fact that someone has hidden code of the aircraft on radar.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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