The US satellite is going to explode


www.vsyako.netImage: Boeing

The American telecommunications satellite, Spaceway-1 can explode due to “significant and irreversible thermal damage” of batteries caused by unexplained anomaly, writes SpaceNews.

In accordance with the requirements of us regulators, decommissioned satellite has to expend all fuel. In the case of Spaceway-1 that need to get done before the end of February, when the spacecraft will be in the shadow of the Earth, which will require the use of potentially dangerous batteries. The publication notes that usually such procedures require two to three months.

SpaceNews reports that the operator of the satellite company DirecTV, conducted maneuvers to raise the trajectory Spaceway-1 at 300 kilometers, which will reduce pollution of the surrounding area of the geostationary orbit by fragments of the expected explosion.

Spaceway-1 was built by Boeing. The spacecraft launched from floating cosmodrome Sea Launch Ukrainian rocket “Zenit-3SL” in April 2005. The estimated lifespan of the satellite was estimated at 12 years. In DirecTV claimed that fuel reserves the satellite, in reserve, would be enough until 2025.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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