Zelensky explained the refusal to accept the resignation of the Prime Minister


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The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has explained its refusal to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, the fact that he can benefit the country. He told about it in interview to the Israeli “channel nine”.

“I believe that there are objective reasons. How to say… Like a good car. It is a good machine. He’s not hitting even the number of kilometers after which you change the car,” said Zelensky.

According to the Ukrainian leader, Goncharuk is still young and can benefit the country, but need a little more time to show it. “He isn’t — he leaves that chair,” added the President.

The head of Ukrainian government resigned on 17 January after the scandal with the wiretap of a meeting of the Cabinet. Published in network, the audio man, it sounds like Goncharuk, criticizes knowledge Zelensky in the economy, and calls himself a layman.

The head of state decided “to give the premiere a chance.” He opposed the resignation of the entire Cabinet, noting that now is not the time to destabilize the country economically and politically.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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