Co-author of the violation of the rules of the meetings suggested to change it


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Former State Duma Deputy Igor Zotov, who was the co-author of criminal article about repeated violation of the rules of pickets and rallies, offered to change it. He said this in an interview with “Kommersant”.

According to Zotova, the law on toughening of responsibility was necessary at the time when it was taken. “Now tighten it is not necessary, all already accepted that need,” he said. Despite this, the former MP expressed hope that the state Duma will react to the comments of the constitutional court and will make in the article required clarification.

Earlier, Russia’s constitutional court decided to reconsider the criminal case of Konstantin Kotova, who was sentenced to four years for an appearance at unauthorized rallies in the summer of 2019. This decision is not subject to appeal.

In early September, the Tverskoy district court sentenced Kotova to four years in prison under article 212.2 of the criminal code (“the Repeated violation of the rules of picketing and rallies”). He became the second convicted under this article. The reason for this was his detention on four protests over the last year. In January, President Vladimir Putin instructed the new Prosecutor General of the country Igor Krasnov to check the legality of criminal prosecution Kotova.

Article 212.2 of the criminal code (“the Repeated violation of the rules of holding rallies”) was introduced in 2014. It provides criminal penalties of up to five years of imprisonment.

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