Information about the discovery of a missing Andreichenko denied


www.vsyako.netNatalia Andreichenko: @natalya_andreychenko

Director Natalia Andreichenko, Jan Trunci denied information about what is missing in Mexico, the actress has been. He told RIA Novosti.

Trunci called the news about the discovery Andreichenko a fake. According to him, the actress has still not made contact. To do this, users Facebook announced on the group page “Living in Mexico” that the actress allegedly found.

Earlier Trunci revealed new details of the disappearance of the wife in Mexico. According to him, Russian and American rooms stars still unavailable. The helpers in her house, noticed that all the cars are in the garage.

The disappearance of the wife, it became known on January 27. On Saturday, January 26, she was at a friend’s house Merete in Cancun, where he complained of fatigue. From there, she went home by car, and then stopped communicating. Trunci reported that in recent days the actress could feel bad due to the launch of three projects.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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