Love the dress, the actor was ridiculed over appearance at the Grammy awards


www.vsyako.netBilly Potterphoto: David Fisher / Shutterstock / REX

Love to go out in dresses of the actor Billy porter ridiculed the network for an appearance on the Grammy awards. The numerous jokes about his outfit appeared on Twitter.

50-year-old actor is known for promoting genderfluid style of clothing (images, which are simultaneously elements of both men’s and women’s clothing — approx. “Of the”). The event, which took place on 27 January, he chose a blue jumpsuit with rhinestones and a silver fringe. Your way of porter complements shiny accessories and bright makeup. Billy Porter Photo: Amy Sussman / Getty Images

However, the most amusing detail of the users of social networks found his headdress. Wide-brimmed hat decorated with two layers of fringe with crystals, were equipped with a mechanism that allowed the actor to push and push her during a photo shoot like curtains.

“Is the cashier in “Makavto” when I drove up,” said one of them. “I’m not going with you, this week I’m trying to save money. Friend: we have time for the “happy hour”. I:,” — continued the other, attaching to tweet the video with sliding fringe of porter. “I hate drama. I also, when something goes drama,” added the third. “When someone is talking about potato chips,” joked another user.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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