Taken in Azerbaijan, a lesbian talked about her life after the escape


www.vsyako.netSevgi Subhani-Ismailovskij: Azer Mammadov / YouTube

Forcibly taken away by her mother in Azerbaijan from Krasnoyarsk student Sevgi Subhani-Ismailova told how her life after the escape. About it reported the edition “Rise” in your Telegram channel. The woman took the daughter to another country after learning that she was a lesbian.

According to Sevgi, she did not apply for the mother and her family, as she is “hard” to do it. However, she added that the threat is not yet come, but “the threat is still there”.

The girl said that looking for a job, goes to therapy, trying to resolve issues with the school and to live on, and wants to “not worry about your life and the invasion of her haters, such as mother, relatives and other acquaintances Azerbaijanis”.

Earlier Sevgi admitted that they are still afraid of their relatives because “they’re just animals.” The girl told me that she has no understanding of how to move forward. She reported that her mother sent her a voice message with threats, promising “a lot of blood.” Sevgi believes that this is not a figure of speech, because the mother is able to “take extreme measures”.

15 Jan Sevgili friend Pauline told me that the girl deception was taken to Azerbaijan, taking away her documents, phone and antidepressants. After this was reported several unsuccessful attempts of the girl to escape. In the message one of her friends, she complained about the beatings and bondage. On 17 January it became known that the girl managed to escape, but the escape was not specified.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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