The bride made the sister dyeing her hair out of jealousy and was laughed at


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Bride forced sister to dye your hair before the wedding out of jealousy and was ridiculed in the network. On the discussion that erupted on the portal Reddit, drew attention to the publication the Daily Mail.

In an anonymous post 24-year-old bride said that red hair of her sister Ella’s supposedly not suited to her chosen color scheme of the event. She asked the last to dye my hair and added that the other bridesmaids have already picked the images for her instructions.

However, Ella did not agree with the requirement and said he was afraid to spoil the hair that’s been growing for six years. Then the bride asked her to wear a wig, saying her refusal was “ridiculous”. The guest refused, explaining that the wig she’ll feel weird.

“Red hair, my sister will spoil the wedding photos. I can’t get her off the guest list because my mom would be mad,” protested the author of the post.

In the end, my cousin decided not to come to the wedding.

Netizens criticized the behavior of the bride. “Red hair would be perfect for the blue and green. You’re just jealous”, “it’s Good that your sister refused to be a bridesmaid, and failed your stupid request”, “You’re afraid that all the attention will switch from you to your beautiful red-haired sister,” they wrote in the review.

In January 2020, the bride had her bridesmaids to shell out for the “ugly” dresses for wedding and has been criticized. On attached to the post group photographs of girls posing with the bride in bright pink dresses with lace. The author of the post said that it and other participants of the celebration were forced to purchase outfits, though they didn’t like their color and design.

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