The causes of the warm reception of Putin in Israel


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Israel is practically the only country outside the former Soviet Union, which shares Moscow’s perspective on the history of the Second world war. In this regard, the Russian side has received in Israel, it is “an attitude that she deserves.” The reasons for the warm reception for Al Monitor listed the columnist of “Kommersant” Marianna Belenkaya.

Russian President Vladimir Putin as a representative of the winning country became one of the main guests of the forum. In addition, the Russian delegation attended the opening ceremony of the monument to the heroes of the Blockade in Israel, which have stirred the Russians. During the events, Israeli politicians and officials recounted a family tragedy the Russian leader and the role of the red Army in the victory over fascism, performed Soviet song in Hebrew and recited poems of the poetess Anna Akhmatova.

She recalled that the Prime Minister of the Jewish state Benjamin Netanyahu took part in the celebration of Victory Day in the Russian capital 2018 in that time, the allies ignored the invitation of Russia. Tel Aviv shares the Russian vision of the causes of the Second world against the background of attempts of some Western countries to bring Moscow to responsibility for the events of those years, says columnist.

While in Israel convinced that Putin’s visit will help to attract Russian-speaking voters in the election. Tel Aviv, in turn, has given Moscow what it most needed — the opportunity to showcase themselves in the role of peacemaker.

The arrival of the Russian delegation to Israel — no more than a tradition, concludes the author. According to her, Moscow understands that the Palestinian-Israeli settlement has virtually no prospects, however, are willing to play the role of mediator and help — especially ahead of the US plans to submit the “Agreement of the century”.

In her opinion, after the warm reception of the Russian delegation in Jerusalem, we can expect mitigation of the differences of the parties, including in matters of vision problems in the middle East and bilateral relations.

January 23, the Russian leader arrived in Israel on the Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust. He has already met with the Prime Minister and President of Israel Reuven Rivlin and a mother convicted in Russia for smuggling hashish Israeli woman Naamah Issachar.

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