The shoemaker sewed the big toe instead of a thumb


www.vsyako.netPhoto: University Hospitals of Derby and Burton

A resident English town Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, lost thumb on right hand, instead of the doctors sewed his big toe. This publication reports Unilad.

In January 2019, when 40-year-old shoemaker, David Lee (David Lee) cut the heel of a boot, his right hand caught in a machine, and he cut off the thumb.

The shoemaker saw his finger fell to the floor. It all happened so fast that you could not feel the pain. He kept his composure and pressed the injured hand to his jumper, to prevent loss of blood. Lee called the ambulance, calmly turned off the machine and went outside to smoke a cigarette waiting for the doctors. Photo: University Hospitals of Derby and Burton

The Briton was taken to a local hospital and then was redirected to a specialized center, where he replaced his lost finger with a toe. Most of all, the cobbler was worried because of the injury can not work, so he immediately agreed to the transplant.

Jill Arrowsmith (Arrowsmith Jill), one of the two who performed the surgery surgeons was told that the transplantation of a toe to the place of a lost thumb is generally performed for patients who have lost the most part of thumb, up to the joint. New finger If caught through physical therapy and force loads.

If I wanted to go back to work. Because of this, his foot will take longer to heal, as it is a lot of walking, but the shoemaker glad to be again able to work.

Earlier it was reported that the doctors sewed the American resident of Michigan index toe instead of a thumb. The Taxidermist accidentally compartment with his finger, when cut the girl a present from the tree.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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