Famous Russian comedian told about the reaction of the audience to the jokes about Putin


www.vsyako.netAlex Sherbakova: vdud / YouTube

Russian comedian Alexei Shcherbakov has described the audience reaction to jokes about Russian President Vladimir Putin during their performances. This famous Stender said in an interview with blogger Yuri Dude. The recording is available on YouTube.

According to Scherbakova, the majority of visitors of his concerts is good for Putin. He learned about it from the stage telling a joke about the President. He began by saying: “I wrote a political joke about Putin, for which I will not do. Offensive joke about Putin on TV I can say, and no I will not do anything”.

He then asked the audience which of them support Putin. When in the hall after that was silence, he said, “Now see? And no I will not do anything”. However, according to Shcherbakova, the people did not applaud in this moment just for the two concerts. In other cases, the vast majority came rapidly expressed approval of Putin and the joke didn’t work.

Shcherbakov party Comedy show Comedy Battle Stand Up and “Cooking”. He also became famous through the part in the YouTube show “What happened next?”

Previously the host of “What happened next?” and the resident Stand Up on TNT Nurlan Saburov in an interview with the Dude complained to the back side of the WHC and told him about the fees that you must pay the teams for the opportunity to speak. Later, the countrymen of the comedian explained that in the Highest League of contributions there, and in the inter-regional League, they are necessary for the selection of teams.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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