In Germany the liberation of Auschwitz attributed to the US army


www.vsyako.netThe prisoners of Auschwitz before the liberation of the camp by soldiers of the Soviet army, January 1945 godatta: B. Fishman / RIA Novosti

The German magazine Der Spiegel published a post about the fact that the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz) was liberated by the American army, reports RT.

After the post drew the attention of netizens, the newspaper apologized “for the extremely embarrassing mistake”. The observer magazine called the criticism fair punishment. Der Spiegel has corrected its original message, indicating that the concentration camp was liberated by the Red army.

Earlier, the FSB declassified documents on the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet army. The opening of archives was timed to the day of memory of victims of the Holocaust. In the archival documents contain information about prisoners of the concentration camp and its guards. Among the guards of the camps discovered by the Polish citizens. According to the interview, beatings and bullying have been systematic.

The Auschwitz complex of concentration camps, located in 1940-1945 years near the Polish city of the same name. On their territory, according to various estimates, killed from one to four million people. Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet troops on 27 January 1945, this day is celebrated as the international day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust.

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