Microsoft supported the “dead” Windows 7


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Microsoft has released an update for Windows 7. The operating system received technical assistance, although in the middle of January was declared obsolete, reports The Verge.

The manufacturer was forced to release a patch for the operating system, thereby Microsoft support “dead” OS. The patch has fixed the problem with missing design of desktop, which complained the users of the system. The Verge said that the company had to break his own promise not to upgrade to Windows 7 after January 14.

According to the publication, originally, Microsoft planned to release a patch only for corporate clients, but “literally overnight,” the company has a change of heart and has released an update to all the holders copies of Windows 7.

23 Jan media paid attention to the publication of operating system users in social networks and forums. Them the owners copies of the OS complained that after the final update KB4534310 with desktops of their computers were gone the design. This problem usually occurs when a user installs a pirated version of the system, and the OS can’t confirm legal download.

Later proponents of free FOR required Microsoft to shut down Windows 7, and remake it into the system open source. Activists noted that this step will benefit both users and the manufacturer of the OS. Official technical support for Windows 7 was terminated on January 14. Release of the popular system took place in July 2009.

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