Mini-apartments have gained popularity in Moscow


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Koryakov / Kommersant

In Moscow is becoming a more popular format mini-Studio apartments of small area. Compact housing has gained popularity primarily due to its low cost, according to the materials of Agency “MIEL-real estate office Network”, arrived in edition “”.

“The price of such compact objects — 3-3,5 million — competitive, since a full Studio apartment with good consumer properties worth 6 million rubles”, — the realtors. According to them, the primary market is the smallest apartment (apartment) is located in Pervomayskiy settlement (New Moscow). It has an area of 14.3 square meters, price — 1.5 million rubles.

Also for sale in the city put up a mini-apartment in houses built in the Soviet era. The area of these objects starts from 12 square meters, a kitchen, and there are three “squares”. Kitchen space can not be separated, and to be in the hallway. The bathroom also has a non-standard layout, for example, may be sedentary or have a shower only. Such houses are found in many Metropolitan areas of old buildings.

“Buying a small apartment can be a contribution to the future — if desired, the owner can further expand its area to buy a larger apartment, investing additional funds or with the assistance of mortgage lending,” — noted in “MIEL”.

In October 2019, the economist and political scientist Mikhail Delyagin publicly criticized the small apartment. The expert called the small Studio cans, but the developers selling overly compact housing — greedy.

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