Mother thrown in Sheremetyevo children explained the breakup with the family


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Olga Pushkareva, mother of two boys that father had left in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, divorced him because of constant bullying and violence. After breakup the man chased her and was not allowed to see the children, she explained to the TV channel “360”.

The woman doesn’t know why the world court and the Commission on Affairs of minors left sons with her ex-husband Victor Gavrilov. She suggested that this helped him need Dating. After receiving custody, the ex-husband threatened the woman with death if she did not stop to chat with the boys. Last Pushkareva saw sons in 2018. “He did not give, had inspired them with the idea that I’m a bad mother, or anything good will not teach. Often stalked, threatened, we can say, with hatred in the back was breathing,” she said.

According to her, the former husband of a mental disorder due to a dysfunctional childhood, which he spent in shelters with her two brothers and sister. His sons, he throws for the third time. “The first time happened when the oldest boy was in first grade to go, but the children came to the shelter. The second time — the child is already six months went to school, kids back to the orphanage sent,” explained the mother. Thrown about at the airport the children she recognized from Instagram.

Earlier, the mother told me that in marriage Gavrilov drank, beat her, “mocked the family.” Because of the beatings she had four concussions and scars from stab wounds. One day her husband shaved her bald, when he was fired from his job.

In conversation with REN TV, the woman said that the ex-husband was beaten and sons. “There were moments that I was protecting the children, but I flew twice”, — she added.

Abuse of the mother saw the children. Because of this, one of the boys stopped talking, after treatment he began to stutter. The police did not take statements from the injured.

Now the issue of transfer of brothers Pushkareva, who lives in Khabarovsk with her new husband and is in the hospital at the seventh month of pregnancy. The decision will be taken by the guardianship. The regional authorities promised to help her regain sons. The channel “360,” the woman said that would also be considered to deprive her father of parental rights.

January 26, a resident of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Victor Gavrilov left in Sheremetievo two sons five and seven years with a note which stated that he had no money, and he will take sons later. If you currently have children had all the documents, copy of passport of father and school diaries. A parent flew by plane to Rostov, it brought the fact of abandonment in danger (article 125 of the criminal code).

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