Russian motorists called error under braking in icy conditions


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Kuhmar / TASS

Russian drivers make some basic mistakes when braking in icy conditions. These misconceptions can aggravate the situation, warned the auto Ilya Pimenov in the magazine “Behind the wheel”.

The first bad habit of motorists, he called a quick press of the brake pedal. This advice is in older textbooks on driving, which said that this method supposedly mimics the anti-lock system. Pimenov noted that in practice this is impossible, because man can not so to work quickly with the pedal. In case of an emergency such tactics can harm and extend the braking distance.

The author also advised the owners of vehicles with manual transmission to brake first the engine, gradually moving to first gear. Make it advisable, if we are not talking about the need for a sudden stop. The ice should not slow down using the Parking brake, because then locked the rear wheels. Car will slide and go sideways when a small error in taxiing.

Slowness, attentiveness and distance control Pimenov called the main rules when driving on a slippery road.

Earlier the auto had listed ways to quickly “kill” the car in winter. Among them — the drive with the engine cold, sharp starts and braking, drift, rejection washing machine and Parking in the snow.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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