Serbia came to the defense of friendship with Russia


www.vsyako.netAlexander Volente:

The Minister of defence of Serbia Alexander Wulin came to the defense of his country’s friendship with Russia in response to criticism of Russian-Serbian relations from the head of the Bundestag Committee for European Affairs Gunther Krichbaum. His words quoted from the website of the TV channel RTS on January 25, but the Russian media drew attention to it only on Tuesday, January 28.

Navigator has previously considered that Serbia cannot count on EU membership if it considers Russia a partner, the value of the European Union. His statement also dealt with the cooperation of the Serbian state with China.

“Germany, the native country of Mr. Kirchbaum, conducts an extensive trade with China and with Russia building “Northern stream — 2″, Europe’s largest energy project,” — said in response to this Wulin. He also stressed that the friendly relations of Serbia with Russia does not imply the conditions of external control or dependency.

The Minister hinted at the chauvinism in the statement of German policy. “It’s like back to the era of the Second world war and the then popular theories about superior and inferior races, where the Aryans are allowed everything, while others only economic and political slavery,” said Wulin, adding that for building European unity, the EU should abandon this system of values.

In December 2019, the Minister for innovation Serbia Nenad Popovic called Russia a great friend and ally of Serbia and said that she always helped the Serbian state.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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