The American sued over “psychedelic” home design


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Residents of the city of Naples (Florida, USA) sued a neighbor after he painted the bright colors of the walls of his house and the whole yard. People are unable to understand why would spoil the building cost 500 thousand dollars (31 million rubles) and questioned the sanity of the owner. Reported by the Daily Mail.

41-year-old Jeffrey Libman all week scattering all the paint colors on the walls of his house “boring” grey. The shingles on the roof, he painted in “psychedelic” shades of orange, pink and Indigo. The walls of the house, the man threw a yellow-green color, adding a bright multicolored patches. Libman has not paid attention and your van, turning it into a “moving rainbow”. The color of the lawn at the house he changed from green to bright blue, and 30-foot palm tree (nine metres) was also sprinkled yellow, pink and blue paint.

Residents of the prestigious quarter Il Regalo Circle do not appreciated the new design and sued the man to court. Friend Jeffrey Libman Alan Klawans was stunned and couldn’t find an explanation for the act. “I absolutely can’t believe someone could do something like that. And I haven’t seen it inside,” he shared with NBC 2. Klawans suggested that Jeffrey can be a drug problem.

Currently, the homeowners Association conducts a legal battle with the Libman. However, the city said that now nothing can be done, because the man doesn’t live here anymore. Earlier, local police have charged him with trafficking in and smuggling of narcotics and was taken into custody.

Five years earlier the mistress of the mansion in London’s Kensington district repainted the facade of your house in red and white stripes. Neighbors complained about the color of the house and filed a lawsuit. In January 2016, the court agreed with the locals and found that the color scheme hurts the aesthetic appeal of the elite area. Disagreeing with this decision, Dr Zipporah Lisle Meynvering appealed and decided to completely demolish the mansion.

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