The bus plowed through a house and landed in a cannabis plantation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Blair Gable / Reuters

In the UK, the police accidentally discovered the cannabis plantation. About plants learned from the accident: the night bus plowed through a house and landed in the bushes of cannabis. About this newspaper The Mirror.

The accident occurred late in the evening in the town of Loughborough, Leicestershire. Faced with two cars, the driver of the bus lost control and drove into the nearest house. Arrived at the scene of the accident, the police decided to check whether there are victims. However, inside the house was empty, and instead of humans they found a plantation hemp.

In the garden stood a car but its owner was unable to find. One of the neighbors said, “I know the owner. His house is rented. I do not think that someone was inside when it crashed into the bus.”

Initially it was reported about one victim at the scene. Threats to his life there. According to local residents, failures in this area are not uncommon. Currently, police are investigating the causes of the accident and looking for the owner of a plantation of cannabis.

In July 2019 the police of the Australian state of New South Wales was accidentally discovered a large shipment of drugs due to an accident with transporting meth van. A minivan crashed into a parked on the roadside police cars. After searching him, police found 273 kilograms of “ice” (one of the common names of methamphetamine). The estimated street value discovered the party — more than $ 200 million.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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