The error of the BBC in a report about the death of Bryant have caused the indignation of the fans


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Michael McCoy / Reuters

The mistake of the journalists of the British TV channel BBC in a report about the death of American basketball player Kobe Bryant has caused the indignation of the fans. The first inaccuracy in Twitter drew the attention of the journalist Matthew champion (Matthew Champion).

The report was shown footage of the performances of the other basketball “Los Angeles Lakers” — LeBron James. Netizens criticized the actions of the British journalists.

“I can’t believe the BBC could have made this mistake,” wrote the champion. “Kobe Bryant and LeBron James not even close. If by “bi-Bi-si” has hired more black producers and editors, horrific errors such as this simply would not have happened,” reacted British politician David Lammy. “”Rest in peace, one of many black basketball players”, — BBC informs us,” he gloated another user.

The TV station apologized for the mistake and removed the story.

Bryant died in a plane crash on January 26. Also on Board were 13-year-old athlete and her partner on the basketball team.

During his career Bryant played for the club “Los Angeles Lakers”. Together with the team he won five League titles National basketball Association (NBA). Also in the asset two American Olympic gold.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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