The Europeans felt ashamed and refused to fly on airplanes


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Europeans are ashamed of the environmental damage from aircraft and refuse to fly in favor of movement on the trains. This writes Deutsche Welle (DW).

This is observed in Sweden and Germany — for the first time in ten years, people have less to fly on airplanes. Swedish airports in 2019 received 4 percent fewer passengers than in 2018, and the airline transported 2 percent fewer people (on flights within the country by 9 percent less).

The German airline was taken to 0.4 percent fewer passengers, a decline of traffic in the country was 2 percent. The reason for the reduction called motion Flight shame (“ashamed to fly”). His supporters call for the rejection of the flights due to contamination of the aircraft environment and offer in return the ride on the train.

In parallel, Europe has been the growth of passenger traffic on railway lines. For example, the national rail operator of Germany’s Deutsche Bahn (DB) in 2019, carried a record number of passengers of trains of distant following — 71,8 million for the first half year and about 150 million people a year.

Due to the increase in traffic with new challenges may face the railway network of Europe, which now suffer from lack of funding and outdated infrastructure. According to DW, 33 thousand km of Railways of Germany is overloaded and not updated in a timely manner due to lack of funds. Because of this, almost every fourth DB train arrived at the station late in 2019. In the UK the situation is even worse — late every third train, they are often crowded.

In Europe, gaining popularity of the movement in defense of the environment. In 2019 its symbol was Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, which abandons the aircraft and travels on the trains. In September she spoke at the climate summit at the UN, and in December it was recognized as person of the year by Time magazine.

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