The king of Belgium recognized illegitimate daughter after DNA test


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The former king of Belgium albert II has acknowledged biological father of the artist the much needed Delphine (Delphine Boël). It is reported by RTBF with reference to the press release of the lawyers of the former monarch.

According to the document, albert II took note of the results of the DNA test, he was forced to undergo at the request of the court of appeal of Brussels. According to the results of the analysis, the former king of Belgium is the biological father of the much needed. Thus she becomes the fourth with his child and may claim part of the inheritance.

However, the monarch said that does not recognize the so-called “public fatherhood,” because was not involved in the upbringing of the illegitimate daughter and have not made any decisions about her education.

The much needed sought DNA albert II in 2013, but then he was the head of state and could not place the accused in the trial. After the abdication in favour of his eldest son Philip, he retained the title of king, but lost their legal immunity

The mother of the much needed, Baroness Sybil de Sat-Longshan (Sybille de Selys Longchamps), argues that was the mistress of albert II from 1966 until 1984. “I thought I can’t have children due to an infection, so we didn’t use protection” she explained in a television interview. The Baroness was hiding the name of the father from the daughter to her majority.

Legally, her father is a former husband Boarded-Longshan Jacques much needed. He had long since divorced his wife and, presumably, excluded the daughter from his will.

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