The military in Germany I had to train on machines because of the lack of tanks


www.vsyako.netArmored combat vehicle “Puma”Photo: Alexander Koerner / Getty Images

Soldiers in Germany had to train in the cars and pretend that they’re driving tanks due to the lack of armored vehicles. It is reported by Bild.

German soldiers had to pretend to be straight during the exercise. They jumped out of the cars, practicing to take the tank in and out of it, the newspaper Daily Mail.

It was confirmed in the Ministry of defence: the soldiers used “other vehicles for practice loading and unloading”. This is due to lack of tanks Puma, at which soldiers must be practiced during exercises.

It is noted that only 20 percent of tanks in the German army are in working condition. The cost of equipment has doubled, reaching 5 billion pounds ($6.5 billion) in 2019.

The German army was to replace the Marder tanks at Puma to host NATO forces on its territory. Daily Mail stresses that despite it’s Berlin all the time criticized for the lack of contribution to the support of the allies.

In late January, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences Vadim Kozyulin said that because of the increased presence of NATO in Europe, the situation is heating up, and in 2028-m could start a war. It was noted that from U.S. to Europe should arrive 20 thousand soldiers. Nine thousand soldiers will draw from the American contingent permanently located in Europe, and seven thousand of the National guard of the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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